How to celebrate World Nutella Day

10 February 2016


WARNING: Nutella contains nuts. If you or any of your young people have a nut allergy, please see alternative recipe at the bottom.

Happy World Nutella day! We’re never ones to miss a celebration as delicious as this, so we’ve put together a list of yummy activities you and your young people might like to try, all based around Nutella. 

1. Make your own Nutella and banana sushi.

This one probably doesn’t need a lot of explaining. Take a look at this video here, work up an appetite and let your Beavers, Cubs and Scouts make their very own sushi-inspired snacks!

2. Paint with Nutella.

We admit that this one might work slightly better with older sections who you can rely on not to make quite as much of a mess…we’ve been inspired by delicious looking pieces of art, made entirely out of Nutella! Yum! Simply warm up in a microwave, and off you go…

3. Upcycle your Nutella jar

Want to do something crafty but filled with dread at the thought of the above? Don’t worry! Why not get your section to bring their unwanted Nutella jars (jam jars also welcome) along to a meeting and get crafty. Take a look at this list of ways to use empty jars.

4. Do a quiz about Nutella!

As well as being delicious, Nutella actually has  quite an interesting history, being developed during WW2 as a response to rationing. Along with some other interesting facts, this website makes for an interesting read. Why not hold a Nutella-themed quiz for your section? No guesses as to the prize…

Not a fan of Nutella, or allergic to nuts? All of these activities will be just as delicious with a nut-free chocolate spread! We’ve also found a vegan alternative which would work well too!