Badge support | Digital Maker Staged Activity Badge

10 February 2016


We’ve partnered with Vodafone UK, supported by the Vodafone Foundation to empower Scouts to develop their digital skills. 

New online tools and resources to help leaders deliver the Digital Citizen and Digital Maker Staged Activity Badges will be launching later in the year, but for now take a look at these fun and easy ways to get started on your Digital Maker Staged Activity Badge! 

Stage 1

Start by working through this activity pack, full of things to do for Stage 1! From discussing the things we plug into our computers, designing your own games (on paper for now!) or figuring out how to get a robot to make you a jam sandwich, this pack is full of ways to help you work towards your badge.

Stage 2

Good news – we have another activity pack for Stage 2! This time, your young people will be figuring out computer Operating Systems, uploading images to their computers and figuring out how to program a (digital) turtle to guide it through a maze!

Stage 3

One of the things your young people will need to do to complete Stage 3 is to build their very own robot! We’ve found a few tutorials on Instructables – remember, at this point you only need to be using prebuilt components!

Stage 4

For Stage 4, we think this tool to help young people build their own websites using code will be really helpful! Make sure you get your Scouts to evaluate each others’ websites too – they might like to design their own parameters for this such as ease of use and appearance.

Stage 5

Finally, for Stage 5, we think you’ll find Google’s Webserver project for Raspberry Pi really useful. Raspberry Pi is a tiny, palm-sized computer on which you can learn to code, and the Google Webserver will allow your young people to start building and writing code for the web.